Selections from Left Center of the Universe:
Blissful (bones mix)
Deploy (spaceship mix)
Nasty Snack (oddy mix)

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For Mac OS X 10.4.x and later. Download and unzip the file and place in:
/Library/Screen Savers/
Then go to System Preferences, select "Desktop and ScreenSaver" to choose this screensaver.

Desktop pictures

DC Comics
Shade the Changing Man
Madman/The Atomics
Madman Wallpaper 1 (1024x768 JPG)
Madman Wallpaper 2 (1024x768 JPG)
Madman Wallpaper 3 (1024x768 JPG)
Madman Atomic Comics 1 Wallpaper (Widescreen 2560x1600 JPG)
Atomics Wallpaper 1 (1024x768 JPG)
Red Rocket 7
Red Rocket 7 Wallpaper 1
Red Rocket 7 Wallpaper 2
Red Rocket 7 Wallpaper 3
Red Rocket 7 Wallpaper 4
U-Go-Girl (1024x768 JPG)

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